LAXMII Enterprise ltd is a British Import and Export company, specialising in wholesale foods and beverages.

“LAXMII” was incorporated in 2021 in the United Kingdom to promote the various commodities and services from various global markets. Envisioning the potential of Africa as economic powerhouse, we started business with a retail store and rapidly grew to become one of the leading Trading houses in DR Congo. We are actively engaged in a diverse range of business activities such as Manufacturing, Trading and Distribution, Retail, Real Estate and many more services, being focused, well directed and far-sighted organization, we strongly believes in the long-term. We are associated with many prominent suppliers and principals, most of who are amongst leaders in their respective products lines internationally. Through optimizing and managing the key business drivers efficiently, the group has experienced exponential year on year growth in business. LAXMII Enterprise is most ideally suited to partner potential principals and suppliers (both branded and non-branded) in the complex markets of DR Congo, complementing its impressive array of thriving relationships. We were founded as a global supply chain management company specialising in FMCG and later diversified into frozen foods. In the pursuit of global growth we target to expand our presence across South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, Burudi, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, India and DR Congo. The company's focus has always been on managing the complete supply chain from all over the world to the African region. This has enhanced its credibility as trusted partner for African distributors, wholesalers and retailers.

At LAXMII, we have an enthusiasm for trading and strive effectively to provide specialised supply chain solutions. Our commitment to providing items of the highest calibre along with a customer-focused mentality has fostered trust and long-lasting relationships with suppliers and clients.

We not only source a broad selection of goods, but we also efficiently handle the entire supply chain. We work to satisfy our clients' expectations at every level, from product conception and development through final delivery at the customer's location. Our top-notch operational policies and processes are created and continuously enhanced to effectively manage every aspect of the supply chain, empowering our team members to solve issues quickly.